Welcome to Determinate Chaos, a site based on a Persona 5/Devil Summoner fic that rapidly spun out of control.



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Determinate Chaos started out as a crack one-shot Persona 5 fic. I wanted to make something short and stupid as a means of dipping my toe into P5 fandom. While I had played the game during its initial Western launch in 2017, the game didn't grab me quite the way I wanted it to. As the weeks passed, I realized that I was deeply unsatisfied with much of the execution of its themes and characters. In fact, the only character I cared about was Goro Akechi, and that was mostly due to a lack of any information about him.

I was, in short, a Goroboy.

As time passed, I fell out of P5 fandom. To be fair, I never really was apart of it, having only read a few fics and consumed some fanart. However, upon the announcement of Persona 5 Royal, I found myself intrigued. New characters? More Goro? A playable third semester? I ended up buying into the hype, and while I enjoyed the new aspects of Royal, it didn't solve most of the problems I had with the original game.

It did, however, give me a lot of Goro. More than that, it gave me a lot of potential to work with. Thus, the attempt at crack!fic.

Remember how I said I wanted to make something short and stupid? Well, the final result of the crack!fic was over 39K. It was not short. It was not nearly as stupid as I envisioned. Worse yet, I had inadvertently built up a situation and world that begged me to explore it farther. It wasn't after until I wrote a prologue and then a sequel for the fic, however, that I knew I was doomed.

Goro Akechi, I decided, was going to be Devil Summoner.

It was all downhill from there.

I was embarrassed, however, to not only attach my name to this horrendous crossover AU, but also of the fact that I am a Goroboy stuck in ShuAke hell. I posted anonymously to AO3, then decided to use a previously created sockpuppet account on Tumblr. I also created a new e-mail address, because I am that extra. It's not hard to figure out who I am, though. This site design is something I've used for a personal site of mine; my writing style is notoriously easy to recognize; I've liked, commented, and spoken to others in the ShuAke and P5 fandom using my "real" accounts.

If you do figure me out, I ask that you keep it to yourself. I'll live with my delusions, thank you. I like my distortions twisted.